Wedding Etiquette: Name Order

With wedding season in full swing, ordering favors for their guests is at the top of the busy bride’s “to do list,” making summer and fall a very busy time for all of us at WH Candy.

We have wrapper designs for nearly every theme, color or look the couple is using for their big day. Though we have hundreds of wedding designs to choose from, the happy couple can do something completely unique with our Create Your Own option. Whatever they select, personalized wrapped HERSHEY’S bars make for a fun surprise and a memorable favor for wedding goers.

One question that seems to always go along with ordering personalized wedding wrappers is whose name goes first, the bride or the groom? Everyone wants their bars printed “the right way.” We receive many phone calls and e-mails asking which is the proper etiquette.

fall-wedding-favors-WH36-1019We advise that there is no right or wrong; it’s simply a matter of personal choice. The tradition of the bride’s name going first on wedding invitations apparently goes back centuries ago when the young woman’s parents would have a dowry to give to the groom-to-be. It was often the case that the bride’s parents were paying for the wedding, and considered the true hosts of the event.

Just for fun we conducted an informal poll of WH Candy associates and found them split right down the middle in terms of how to list the names, with these thoughts:

If a photo design is selected, the names should correspond with the photo; if the Groom is on the left side in the photo, he should be listed first.

The names should sound right when spoken aloud. The way the syllables in the names flow can dictate their order.

Whether you prefer ladies first or the man in the lead, we support your decision!