Wedding Trend: Craft Beer

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Yes, you can keep the traditional cocktails and serve the wine and, of course, pop those bottles of champagne for the numerous congratulatory toasts to the bride and groom. But this year is about being unique and breaking away from the accustomed traditions. Consider utilizing the growing trend that has taken not only weddings but also the nation by storm, the rise of craft brews.

It’s time to give your guests an irreplaceable experience at your wedding reception. By offering craft beer to your guests you are bringing your wedding to a more sophisticated level. Craft beer doesn’t only represent a higher class of alcoholic beverage, the variety of ways it can coordinate with your wedding are reason enough to use this unique trend.

The most important way is in its association with food, which is vital to the success of your reception. The beauty is that the various styles of craft beer pair with virtually any type of food offering that may be served at your wedding. Certain beers can actually enhance the flavor of the food and vice-versa. Here’s a look at different styles of craft beer and what they can bring to the table, literally.

Photo Credit: Brett & Tori Photographers

Photo Credit: Brett & Tori Photographers

American India Pale Ale’s often utilize their hoppy and bitter finish to pair well with seafood such as salmon and also excels with fried treats such as calamari that can be served during the cocktail hour.

Suggestions: Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Brooklyn IPA.

Porters are best known for being steak and beef’s best friend. The dark color and sweet, malt-driven finish allow for a drinkable beer that can also be served with chocolate-based desserts.

Suggestions: Breckenridge Vanilla Porter, Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald.

Pale Ales are perhaps America’s most popular craft beer and can be enjoyed with the widest range of foods. The crisp, citrusy finish complements anything from cheese to chicken to burgers and will offer a pairing that will leave your guests satisfied and thirsty for more.

Suggestions: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Stone Pale Ale.

American Wheat Ales have a color that reflects the variety of dishes it’s served with. The radiant, golden appearance is associated with lighter dishes such as salads, sushi, and vegetable platters commonly served as appetizers or during the cocktail hour of a reception.

Suggestions: Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale, Sam Adams Coastal Wheat.

Photo Credit: Jagger Photography

Photo Credit: Jagger Photography

Amber Lagers take the greatest aspects of all varying craft beer styles to form a malty flavor with a beautiful amber color and minimal bitter finish. It’s a fantastic duo alongside anything spicy such as Italian peppers or hearty like pasta and pizza.

Suggestions: Brooklyn Lager, Great Lakes Eliot Ness.

The way you present your craft beer selection is entirely up to you. There are many creative means of offering this trend to your guests. You can simply offer it behind the bar, hand out a recommendation list, or let your imagination roam free and offer a beer tasting to your of-age guests. This will bring varying relatives and friends together from both sides of the family and can be used as an exceptional icebreaker.

So for your wedding stray from the prototypical lineup of Bud Light, Budweiser, and Miller Lite and stride for something greater that will truly set your wedding apart from all the others. Include craft beer at your reception and let the good times flow.