The Year Your Wedding Goes Viral

We are now in the era where individuality is most commonly expressed via the Internet. And for those who are wishing to be unique and add originality to their wedding day, all there is to say is it’s time to go viral.

Each and every social media application can provide your wedding with added outlets of creativity. From continuous updates found on Twitter, to communication specialist Facebook, to face-to-face interaction applications such as Facetime or Skype, there are plenty of ways social media can enhance and push your wedding into the 21st century. And here’s how to do it.

Photo Credit: The Knot

Photo Credit: The Knot

1) Twitter: Assign a guest to give the “Twittersphere” a play-by-play update of your wedding day. Crazyaboutweddingsgirl19: “The I-do’s are official, say hello to Mr. and Mrs. Benson! #BensonWedding2013. Utilize the hash tag to make your wedding the trending topic of the day!

2) Facebook: By now, those of all ages are familiar with this social network giant. Heck, even Great Grandma Alice and Great Grandpa Edward are pros at scouring the media wonder. Create a Facebook page for your wedding. Invite all of your guests to it, introduce the wedding party, upload videos and connect with friends and family before the big day. Not only will it save money from buying a website, but did you also know you could even include surveys and polls on your page? Let your guests be an integral part of your wedding. Add a question like: “Who would you rather see dance to Gangnam Style at the reception: Best man Kyle or Maid of Honor Jessie?” Whoever has the most votes has to hit the dance floor for a solo rendition of the world’s most overplayed and cheesiest song!

3) Instagram: Share the beauty of your wedding day through filtered photos on one of the worlds’ fastest growing smart phone apps. Instagram allows you to become an elite photographer with the option of adding multiple filters to properly capture the artistry of the flower arrangement, the tears of bliss from the mother and father, or the allurement of the bride and groom’s first kiss.

Photo Credit: SheBlog

Photo Credit: SheBlog

4) Skype/Facetime: Perhaps the most useful social media tool to-date, these apps give you the opportunity to broadcast the ceremony via phone, laptop, or tablet to guests who are unable to make it to the wedding. Uncle Seymour and Aunt Ira can see the “I-Do’s” and the bride and groom’s first dance from the comforts of their snowed in cottage 2,000 miles away. Just make sure someone turns the camera when cousin Derek decides that after six shots of tequila, the next step is to attempt “the worm”. No one needs to see that.

5) Vine: The newest of the gang, Vine gives users an opportunity to create their own six-second video clips, edit them the way they want, and share them via platforms such as Twitter. This is a great way to give those who are not at the wedding a glimpse of what is happening through your eyes.

6) YouTube: Where would the world be without YouTube? From the world’s largest video sharing site, one is able to gather every kind of information they thirst for. Weddings are no exception. From the wedding party hilariously making their way down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever” (as seen below) to a bride and groom’s surprise first dance, YouTube provides the chance to gather wedding ideas and share personal experiences. But the newest unique trend is viral vows. That’s right, bride and groom expressing their love for one another via a “confessional” on YouTube. What better way of declaring your love than sharing it with the whole entire planet? It truly is the ultimate way to say “I will love you forever”.


We live in a digital age. There’s no denying it. At one point, these apps and social networking sites may have seemed irrelevant and a complete waste of time. But now, they are vital parts of all of our lives. Not only do they give us a chance to express ourselves, but they also have the unique ability to bring moments to those who otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to experience them, bring laughter and tears to the world, and cement memories in time that you’ll be able to cherish forever.