Hot Wedding Trends: Birds

Photo Credit: WH Candy

Photo Credit: WH Candy

They exist all around us in different sizes and colors. We feed and tend to them even if we have no special connection. Heck, even famed director Alfred Hitchcock devoted an entire film to them. Who are they? They are birds, and they are flying in as a hot wedding trend.

Wedding planners love what is arguably the most versatile creature in our animal kingdom. There are over 10,000 species of birds in the world, and each one represents their own brand of symbolism that will hold meaning at your wedding. Here is just a small sample of popular birds and how they can represent your love.

Bluebird: Spiritual joy and contentedness.

Blue Jay: Faithfulness, purity of the soul

Blackbird: Sign of a good omen

Cardinal: Love and warmth

Canary: Joy and well-being

Crane: Renewal and rejuvenation of the body and spirit

Flamingo: Vibrancy and responsibility

Hummingbird: Permanence, an optimistic approach to life.

Peacock: Kindness, patience and good fortune.

Photo Credit: Wedding Star

Photo Credit: Wedding Star

No matter which bird or birds you choose to represent your wedding day, the variety of ways you will be able to incorporate this theme is endless.

If you’re celebrating a spring wedding, consider using birds of light colors (light blue- Blue Jay, yellow- Canary, soft pink- Flamingo) to capture the warmth of the newly born nature. Use WH Candy’s personalized HERSHEY’S chocolate bars as part of the reception decor.

Fall weddings should consider using more prominent and defining colors (red- Cardinal, green- Hummingbird). Use these colors and patterns in tablecloths, centerpieces, bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, and anything you dream. A bird themed wedding allows your creativity to take flight.

Just imagine the ring bearer walking up the aisle carrying your wedding bands in none other than a bird’s nest, woven to perfection to seal your exceptional bond.

Photo Credit: Abi Q Photography

Photo Credit: Abi Q Photography

For the pure romantics, consider utilizing two birds and placing them in a birdcage together. You can have them either at the altar as you take your vows or perhaps as just an attraction at the reception. The two birds can symbolize you and your companion’s love for each other and will surely be a favorite photo opportunity for your guests.

Place a multitude of birdhouses around the reception and allow guests to write notes of congratulations to the newlyweds as a unique alternative to the traditional guestbook. It will be tasteful, original, and give your guests an opportunity to truly wish their best to the happy couple.

It is important to immerse yourself in the spirit of this distinctive trend. A bird themed wedding allows for unlimited ingenuity and will surely enhance this once in a lifetime moment, where husband and wife can finally spread their wings and soar to new heights as one.