Signature Wedding Drink

There’s a trend sweeping through weddings all across the country. They’re colorful, tasteful, and a popular alternative to the costly liquor that accounts for so much of reception costs. It’s called a signature drink, and it’s making its way to your wedding.

What is A Signature Drink?

Photo Credit: PopSugar

Photo Credit: PopSugar

A signature drink is one specialty mix drink that you and your partner decide upon and serve at your reception. It’s usually served alongside beer and wine and is the only option with liquor.

Why Is It So popular?

The signature drink has risen to popularity thanks to the down economy, which has resulted in more budgeted weddings, and the rise of cocktail aficionados. While a considerably cheaper option to straight liquor since it requires limited alcohol, the serving of a signature drink has other attractive qualities as well.

It gives you and your companion an opportunity to work together to create “your drink”. Just like your first dance song that in the future will constantly remind you of your wedding day, your drink will follow you as well, and you can reminisce on the first thing you created together.

Since the signature drink limits the amount of alcohol, you can better control your guests’ consumption. Weddings tend to bring out the spirit of “shots” in all fashions. Tequila, vodka, whiskey, rum, not only do all of these have extra cost to them financially, but they usually result in more intoxicated guests, which could potentially lead to problems.

Photo Credit: ModWedding

Photo Credit: ModWedding

How To Pick Your Drink

Choose a drink that means something to you two. Whether it was the drink you were enjoying when you first met, or whether you find a recipe with a little bit of what each other loves in it, just make it special. Tell your guests why you chose this drink and why it’s important to your relationship. It’ll encourage them to at least give it a shot.

You want a drink that has good color. Color is often a deciding factor as to whether or not someone will try a drink. Since you’re spending money to create this cocktail, you want your guests to actually enjoy it. There are certainly guidelines as to how to go about determining the right color.

Find the balance between too “girly” and too “manly” when it comes to color. Men might not want to try anything too dainty (pink, lavender) in color, while women may not want to try anything too dark. Men want to be masculine and women want to be feminine. This drink should respect both parties’ wishes. Consider a drink with reds, oranges, and even blues.

You don’t want the drink to be too strong. This isn’t meant to get your guests considerably drunk; it’s meant to be enjoyed by those of all legal ages, whether they’re 21 or 75. Too strong of a drink can turn guests off from ordering the drink again.

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Lastly, when picking your drink, consider choosing one that you can garnish. Garnishes, which typically include fresh fruit, spices and herbs, or vegetables, give the drink visual appeal, style, and class. Not to mention they can enhance the flavor of the cocktail.

How To Serve It

The last thing you want is guests to order your drink, take a sip, determine they don’t like it, and leave 98% of it untouched. You don’t want to waste your alcohol and money. So as a tip, have a server put samples of the drink on a tray and walk around the reception. This way guests can try it before ordering it and decide if it’s for them or not. This could also influence those who may have been scared off by the way drink looks to taste your creation and realize how delicious it is.

Final Result

The result will be nothing but positive. For those who don’t like the cocktail, they can always enjoy the beer and wine that’s served with it. For those who do enjoy it, you’ve given them a signature way to really remember the wedding. And for the newlyweds, it provides you the first of hopefully many creations that you will produce in your life together.