Sweet Sixteen Best Sellers

Sweet Sixteen birthday parties have become a huge coming-of-age celebration in the United States. Ranging from extremely formal to casual, a girl’s 16th birthday celebration can be a simple house party to a large affair at a hotel ballroom. Whether you are planning to host a small dinner party or want a large celebration with a DJ and professional hair stylists, you will want to sweeten the event with a party favor. Check out our top 5 best selling Sweet 16 favors.

1. SBT05 Glamour Girls

Perfect for the fashionista, this chic candy wrapper design features a colorful ribbon adorned with a diamond charm.


2. SBT12 On the Road

If your teen is excited about getting her driver’s license, you can’t go wrong with this license plate themed chocolate design.


3. SBP02 Chic Stripes

Decorated with zebra print and her favorite photo, this trendy custom candy label will be a sweet addition to her party.


4. SBT02 City Skyline

A night in the city Sweet Sixteen party theme won’t be complete without these shining city skyline HERSHEY’S bar favors.


5. SBP44 Remember When

Feature a “then” and “now” photo for a special memento to share with family and friends at her Sweet 16 celebration.