Employee and Company Anniversaries

Employee Anniversaries:

An employment anniversary is important because when employees feel appreciated and valuable, they tend to be more productive and vested in their company’s success. Often the question is “What is an appropriate gift or way to recognize years of service?” Typically it is the gesture and investment employee-anniversary-favors-CAN23of time and not so much the amount spent that matters. The smallest gesture can mean a lot to someone who has worked for the company for a significant number of years. Typical milestones for recognizing an employee’s anniversary are at 1, 5, 10, 20 and 25 years or more.

Personalized HERSHEY’S candy bars for business anniversaries of less than 25 years are the perfect gift because there is no need to break the bank, however it is important to recognize the employee’s commitment. Small anniversary parties where management acknowledges years of service contribute to an appreciative corporate culture as well. At WH Candy, our corporate clients count on our prompt and personalized service.

“The Pinstripe Anniversary wrapper was just what I was looking for! I was very satisfied with the overall appearance, paper thickness and sheen. The wrappers look great for my employee’s anniversary treats. The company was also very easy to work with and had a great turn around time from the moment I placed my order to when it arrived on my desk!” -Cheryl

Company Anniversaries:

A company anniversary is a milestone in business that is traditionally recognized inside by management and employees and outside with customers and suppliers. The local community may also be involved. Surviving in today’s competitive and changing economy is no small feat and to celebrate hitting a company milestone is an opportunity to remind your employees and customers what makes your company special.

There are many ways to memorialize a company anniversary. Companies often host black tie affairs for major anniversaries, such as hitting the company_anniversary_favors_CAN29century mark. Or maybe there will be an offsite company gathering for family and friends. One way to share the joy of an anniversary is to offer a custom chocolate bar with the company logo and message to everyone in attendance. That way everybody can share the experience of a company anniversary celebration for a modest expense. Corporate party favors can also be used as tokens of appreciation and carry important marketing messages to clients, customers and suppliers. Custom wrapped candy bars show that not only is the company proud of its accomplishment but appreciates the business and support it gets from these groups. WH Candy offers wrappers such as the Diamond Day anniversary theme for these occasions.

“I had an awesome experience doing business with WH Candy. Communication was efficient, and even though I had multiple changes made to the order (due to my own oversights) the individual in which I dealt with was very helpful and reassuring. The product was also delivered timely, and we had the option to preview the print prior to receiving it. This was awesome. Myself, along with my department, look forward to doing business with you in the future. We are already spreading the word! Thanks again!” – Aaron