Eight DIY Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Do-It Yourself weddings are quickly becoming the go-to strategy for those looking to save money on their wedding. How much one can truly save varies, but it has been proven that DIY weddings along with some critical decisions can save a considerable amount of money. Here are eight money saving techniques that will ensure you won’t break your bank.

Photo Credit: Capitol Romance

Photo Credit: Capitol Romance

1) The Almighty Flowers: The average cost of flowers (bouquets, corsages, arrangements, etc.) is upwards of $1500. Depending on the type of flowers you select, this expense can be much greater than $1500. If you want to bring down the cost while holding onto the elegance and class that flowers provide, consider making them out of paper. You can create your own corsages and even bouquets, while your guests are enamored with your creativity and imagination. You can make them the way you want and in the colors you want. Be as inventive as you want! Note: If you choose to use actual flowers, order them online and trim/arrange them yourself to save on cost. Or hold your ceremony or reception outdoors, where flowers are already abundant.

2) Props a.k.a. Grandma’s Closet: Clean out the attic, basement, and grandma’s storage unit. You can find a lot of unique and neat items to use as table props. Consider anything and everything you can find from old books to jewelry to vases, accessories, and bows/linens. This is the time where mom and dad’s or grandma’s old knick-knacks, deemed uncool 30 years ago, can make their comeback. Vintage is in.

Hooray Hurrah

Photo Credit: Hooray Hurrah

3) D-I-H: Do-it at Home. If your house can accommodate a wedding reception, consider utilizing it. Typical costs of a reception venue can run around $2,670. By having it at home you can cut that expense in half. Keep in mind that you will surely need to rent a generator. And another thing to watch out for is that certain cities require permits and parking could be a problem depending on how big your wedding is/how big your street is.

4) Recycled Candles: You can create your own beautiful candles out of recyclable bottles with the wax inside. Decorate or paint the bottle to match the colors of the wedding and make them the most talked about table prop. This could be a great bonding opportunity for the bridal party.

5) DJ Sizzle or The Kings of Strings: Granted, The Kings of Strings may be able to hold a pretty good tune, but the fact is that wedding bands can typically cost nearly $1800, while DJ’s typically command around $800. Sorry strings, the sizzle has this one.

6) S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y, NO! You can save nearly $4,000 by simply avoiding the most convenient day of the week. Consider a Friday or Sunday wedding and watch the money you’re saving fill your pocket! Also note that by having a mid-week wedding, many guests won’t be able to make it, therefore trimming your guest list thus your expenses.

Photo Credit: WH Candy

Photo Credit: WH Candy

7) No need for a limo: Limo’s can cost upwards of $500 and for some as much as $1,000. Save on the extra expense and DRIVE YOURSELF! You and your companion are about to drive your marriage car down a road called life, why not get a head start for your wedding?

8) DIY Wedding Favors: Personalized candy wrappers are easy and affordable! Buy mini sized wrappers for HERSHEY’S MINIATURES candies for a delicious favor your guests will enjoy. Sprinkle these around the centerpieces at the reception or included on the dessert table.