A Jurassic Birthday Adventure

Dinosaur FavorsIt’s back… Jurassic Park! With the hype of this summer’s blockbuster comes party planning. Dinosaurs are always a great birthday party theme for boys and with the recent release of Jurassic World, it is surely only going to increase in popularity.

Decorate your son’s party with dinosaur cups and plates and create themed food like “Brontosaurus Burger Bites” and “Watermelon Spikes”. If your child is younger, create a party atmosphere using friendly dinosaurs and give family and friends Dino Adventure custom wrapped candy bar party favors. If your son is a little older, deck out the party with intense Jurassic World themed dinosaur decorations and fill glass bowls and vases with cream soda Jelly Belly Jelly Beans or, as we like to call them, dinosaur eggs! Your creative candy buffet will allow everyone to take home some dino-mite treats.

Don’t forget to create fun, dinosaur themed activities for the kids! Fill a sandbox with “dinosaur bones” for the kids to dig for fossils or take them to see the new Jurassic World.

Get excited for your party planning by watching the trailer here: