Honoring Old Glory

America-The-Beautiful-HL02-2On June 14, 1777 we adopted our flag which we have nicknamed Old Glory. It has been a symbol of unity, democracy and independence for our nation ever since. Although no one truly knows who designed or made our first flag, we can identify the meaning of each part of the flag. The 13 stripes stand for the original colonies and the 50 stars for each state. The colors of our flag also have a less-known meaning. The red stripes represent courage and resilience while the white ones mean purity. The blue background behind the stars symbolizes our country’s determination and righteousness.

To celebrate the symbol of who we are, Harry Truman declared June 14th as “Flag Day” in 1949. Every year on this day cities across the country from Washington to New York commemorate the American Flag in a parade. Honoring the flag continues all week long for “National Flag Week” and many citizens hang the flag proudly outside their homes.

At WH Candy, we have several designs to not only celebrate Flag Day, but Independence Day. My personal favorite is our America the Beautiful design, but all of the wrappers perfectly combine our respect for our nation with our love of chocolate.