Birthday Candy Buffets

Selecting a fun, useful and affordable birthday party favor can be tough whether you are shopping for a 1st birthday or 50th birthday. Picking something every guest will love is nearly impossible… which is why you can’t go wrong with an edible item! One hot, new trend for birthday parties is to set up a candy buffet. Family and friends will be excited to select from jars filled with treats to place in their goodie bags to take home and enjoy.

birthdaycandybuffetCreating a candy buffet is an easy DIY project that could be done for any event. Start by selecting how you’d like to present the candy. It is popular to use various glass jars, vases, bowls and plates to display the candy. Choose from glassware you have at home or check out your local thrift store for some affordable finds.

Since guests will want to gobble up your delicious treats both at the party and at home, provide goodie bags for them to fill. We suggest mesh organza bags in the size and color of your choice. A small organza bag would be perfect for a child’s party where a medium organza bag would be ideal for adults.

HERSHEY’S chocolate will be perfect for your candy buffet! Personalize HERSHEY’S candy bar wrappers to coordinate with your party theme. Include the birthday boy or girl’s photo for an extra special memento. Standard wrapped bars look great on a plate and HERSHEY’S MINIATURES candies can be mixed in a bowl with KISSES chocolates. Add customized stickers to the bottom of the KISSES candy for a pop of color!

sweet16candybuffetShaped candy is a great way to add variety to your candy buffet. Madelaine chocolates shaped like hearts, stars, baseballs, basketballs, soccer balls or footballs are a delicious option. Choose sports balls for an athlete, stars for a dance party or hearts for your girly girl.

Want to spruce up your candy buffet with an item other than chocolate? Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are great party favors throughout the year, not just Easter. Since they are available in a variety of colors, it will be easy to match your party theme.

Although a candy buffet is usually just “candy”, include the birthday boy or girl’s favorite cookies on the table for everyone to enjoy. This unique twist is a great alternative to the traditional birthday cake.

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