Announcing You’re a Grandparent

grandbaby-birth-announcements-BRB02Your new grandchild has just arrived and you’re about to burst with joy. You’ve done your shopping and preparations, you’ve talked it to pieces with your friends. But you still need to make one of the most important decisions in the relationship between you and your grandchild: your name. Will you be Grandma, Papaw, Mimi or Gramps? A wonderful website called has an awesome article with loads of fun insight on this possibly perplexing conundrum. You’ll need to have this issue all ironed out when you order your birth announcements for your grandchild, designed especially for new grandparents and personalized with your declared title from this day

A newborn is often a baby brother or sister, a lifetime companion and cohort–doubtless a source of annoyance–but in the end someone slightly better and truer than a best friend. If this isn’t cause to celebrate, we can’t think of what else could be. Therefore, you guessed it, we offer a new line of chocolate birth announcements so new big brothers and sisters can have their own forum from which to express their delight over this profound life-enriching event. No matter what the occasion, WH Candy can always find ways to make chocolate an integral part of this crazy thing we call life.