Thanksgiving… a Little Food for Thought

History is a fascinating topic. While it’s easy to understand the source of a given tradition, the depth of the original meaning behind it can sometimes be clouded by the passage of time and the changes of lifestyle. Even so, Americans today cherish this important holiday and sometimes try to celebrate it in new and creative ways.

In 1621, a small group of newcomers to the northeastern coast gathered together with some local residents in celebration of friendship and thanks. We have little concept today, in the day of modern mega stores and a more or less united society, of the tenuous position of the lives of our forebears from one season to the next. Most of us have never suffered the indignity of playing tug-o-war with a rat over the last scrap of moldy bread, or the marked astonishment of receiving butterfly kisses from the fletching of an arrow whizzing past our cheek. Therefore, the giving of thanks for a good harvest and brotherhood between neighbors would carry a depth of feeling for these hardy souls many of us can scarcely imagine.

The First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863–1930)
Image Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons

Through several starts and stops over the centuries, the tradition has survived and is going strong today, if perhaps with (gratefully) lighter hearts. WH Candy helps celebrate that with a variety of delightful Thanksgiving wrapper designs people use as personalized party favors or greetings.

Thanksgivng Table Favors

Thanksgiving Table Favors from WH Candy Item #: HT23 Time to Harvest

Candy bars around tables in a comfortable building with well-feasted merry makers is far removed from the original Thanksgiving dinner. However, our ancestors made the journey and suffered the hardships in the hope that someday their descendants would live in a land of freedom and plenty. To say they were successful is putting it mildly, and we have not forgotten that. We honor you, brave pilgrims; and we’ve got the candy bars to prove it!