A Twist to the Traditional Holiday Greetings

World's First Christmas Card

The World’s First Mass Produced Christmas Card
Image Courtesy of the Southern Methodist University Bridwell Library

Ever wonder how the tradition of sending Christmas cards started? Like many traditions, it began with one person and a clever idea. In 1843 Englishman Henry Cole was too busy to hand write personal Christmas greetings so he commissioned artist John Calcott Horsley to create a greeting with attractive artwork and holiday sentiment that he could send to all the people on his list. Little did either man know they were kicking off a tradition that would transcend cultures and continents for more than a century and a half, with still no end in sight!

After 170 years of the same, unchanged idea, we think it is time you tweak your tradition a bit and make a good idea much better. We wrap a holiday greeting around a delicious HERSHEY’S® chocolate bar, turning it into a chocolate greeting card!

Candy Bar Christmas Greeting Cards

Candy Bar Holiday Greetings from WH Candy. Item #: HS231 Merry Times

Customers of WHCandy love seeing their special holiday message wrapped on a HERSHEY’S® chocolate bar. Knowing their sweet, personalized greeting card will stand out among the rest is why many people have started a new tradition with wrapped chocolate greetings they send to friends, family and even clients year after year.

There is no shortage of options from which to choose. We offer a wide variety of holiday greetings for different faiths, celebrations and events. Customers will find everything from reverent religious scenes to snazzy Santa; Kwanzaa candles to Hanukkah menorahs; fill-in-the-blank chocolate gift tags to customized corporate gifts; all the way to birth announcements for special holiday deliveries.

HERSHEY'S Candy Bar Holiday Gift & Greetings

Holiday Gifts & Greetings from WH Candy

People who are looking for new ways to start new traditions of their own can start by looking at WHCandy for unique personalized holiday greetings their friends and family will look forward to receiving year after year.