Bat Mitzvah Party Ideas: A Hollywood Affair

Imagine a luxurious and wildly lighted ballroom, a VIP section where guests mingle with one another sipping bottomless glasses of champagne and picturesque statues that line the entrance commemorating this event as pure Hollywood.

Photo Courtesy of: Pinterest

Photo Courtesy of: Pinterest

Is this the Oscars or Golden Globes? No, it’s your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah with the only difference being that bottomless champagne is substituted with sparkling grape juice and all guests are waiting for one specific person to arrive.

Crowds gather as your daughter walks out of a limo and onto the red carpet, where paparazzi fight to get the perfect shot of your little movie star. This night is her night and everyone immediately knows it.

The possibilities of a Hollywood themed Bat Mitzvah are endless. From table decorations to favors, there are plenty of ways to make your daughter’s party unique and one to remember.

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Be creative and inventive. Replicate the famed Academy Award statue, hollow it out and use it as a flower holder for the center of the table. Surround the flowers with old filmstrips to add a little more pizzazz and cinematic flair.

Make use of film reels. Strategically set them up around the room or even use them as centerpieces themselves. They make for a great photo opportunity and give the room a true Hollywood vibe.

Get the guests involved. If you choose to do assigned seating give each table a specific movie title. Include on each nameplate the specific job each guest had on the making of that movie. The room will all of a sudden become full of actors, directors, producers, and writers.

To add even more fun and creativity and really get guests in the spirit of the party, consider having an awards ceremony. Let guests show off their improvisational skills by giving short acceptance speeches that are sure to add laughs and memories.

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Photo Courtesy of:

But of course, no guest is as big of a star on this night as your daughter. So what better way of celebrating than giving her the evening’s most prestigious award? The competition was stiff with her battling Oprah, Beyonce, and Angelina Jolie for the prized “Woman of the Year Award” but your daughter takes home the gold statue.

Round out the night by handing out delicious chocolate favors such as She’s The Star, which will offer the ideal keepsake from this lavish, Tinsel town occasion.  A personalized photo with a filmstrip and clapperboard make this wrapper a perfect match for the party’s theme.

She's The Star: Wrapped Hershey's Candy

She’s The Star: Wrapped Hershey’s Candy

You want your daughter to remember her Bat Mitzvah forever. It’s one of those events that should vividly stick with her for many years to come. Not only is it a coming of age occasion, but it’s also a chance for you to show her how much you love her and how much she truly means to you. Throw her an extravagant Hollywood gala and watch as your little movie star blossoms into a woman before your eyes.