Tips for Your Next Workplace Safety Programs

workplace_safety_giftsJune is National Safety Month from the National Safety Council and with it comes the potential boredom associated with the same messages: Safety First, Zero Accidents, Use your Eyes and Save a Finger. The list goes on. It’s tempting to just let Safety Month slip by, but employees should be trained in and know safety procedures.

National Safety Month is an opportunity to make employees aware of changes in job safety or increase their safety risk awareness in the workplace. The National Safety Council suggests changing focus each of the four weeks during the campaign, ranging from Wellness and Preventing Slips to Driving Safety.

If you have a “days without accidents” program, make employees aware of how long the company has gone without an accident with the Safety Days promotional chocolate bar from

The National Safety Council has set a goal to prevent an additional 10,000 deaths and 1 million injuries by 2014, and through your support of efforts, such as National Safety Month. For more ideas on National Safety Month, watch the NSC’s YouTube Video.