Tips to Plan Your Family Reunion

1. Location

personalized_candy_barsA great location that can be enjoyed by everyone will help make your family reunion a success! Consider whether your family would prefer an outdoor or indoor location. Reunions can take place anywhere from a park to a large restaurant. Just remember to give everyone plenty of space to move about! You may also want to consider how far away each family member lives. If you have a lot of family from out of town, a location with a selection of lodging accomodations may be wise. To find out what type of reunion would be best for your family, you can take this helpful quiz.

2. Create a To-Do List

After you have found the perfect location, create a to-do list for your family reunion. Don’t be afraid to designate jobs to any family members that are willing to help! Planning can be a time consuming task. Asking for help could make your reunion planning less stressful and more enjoyable. Consider each of these steps when creating your to-do list.  

3. Food

There are several options when considering food for your family’s reunion. Some families prefer to do their own cooking and have a potluck. This a great way to share family recipes and sample a variety of platters. Others prefer ordering food from restaurants or caterers. This option could save each family member time and may be easier to organize. Consider the popular preference and how best to feed everyone at an affordable price.

4. Sovenirs & Gifts

hersheys_bars_family_reunionsA great way to remember the reunion is by giving each family member a gift or sovenir relating to the event. recommends personalized Hershey’s chocolate reunion favors to create unique keepsakes for the whole family. You can personalize your custom favors with your family crest, photo or a cute family poem. Check out our popular photo design SN16 Family Photo or one of our picnic themed designs like SN22 Our Gang.

5. Learn About Genealogy

Your reunion is the perfect time to spread the history of your family and share special stories with the younger generations. Visit to start a new family tree that you can share with your whole family. You can also make a creative family tree on a poster board, in a book, with photos or as an actual tree made of papier mache and coat hangers.

6. Activities & Ice Breakers

Besides great food and conversation, you can liven up your family reunion with fun activities and ice breakers. Prepare by planning activities for all ages and interests as well as indoor and outdoor activities in case of a rainy day. Fun games include capture the flag, a scavenger hunt, egg carry, checkers, pictionary, charades, go fish and poker. Organizing these games will also help break the ice between family members who may not know each other very well.

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