First Communion Party Ideas

Celebrate your child’s first communion by holding a reception with close family and friends. After the communion ritual, you can throw an elaborate or simple party at your home, a restaurant or an event center depending on your taste. When planning consider the food, decorations and entertainment to make the communion day special.


Have a variety of finger foods for guests to munch on throughout the first communion celebration. For a decorative and healthy snack, put purple and green grapes on wooden skewers. Pair your grape pops with baked bread shaped like a grape vine to be used with a family dip recipe. Other appetizers you can consider are deviled eggs, mini crab cakes, fried mac n’ cheese and pigs in blankets.

Make a splash at the party by providing an array of beverage options. Keep it family friendly by making non-alcoholic punch and stocking plenty of juice boxes for the kids. Also be sure to provide the usuals such as soda, water and iced tea.

Instead of a cake, consider decorating a tier of cupcakes with white frosting & crosses to match your religious theme. You can also lay out a plate of cross shaped cookies with your child’s frosted initials to add to the ambiance.


First_Communion_Favor_IdeasBefore the big day, have the family help create fun decorations for the first communion party. Lay out a variety of art supplies like markers, glitter, stickers, foam shapes and construction paper to bedazzle several large banners. Your child will be proud to show off his or her artwork, plus you will have a great decoration!

Rent a small helium tank and purchase white balloons to fill the room. Let some float to the ceiling while attaching others to ribbon on chairs & tables. To coordinate with the balloons, line white streamers from corner to corner of each room. To add color, also include blue, pink, green or yellow streamers and balloons.

For simple centerpieces, combine several white flowers like roses, carnations, baby’s breath, lilies or gerber daisies in a bright colored vase surrounded by lightly scented tea-light candles. If you want to wow your guests with a modern centerpiece, place white bird cages in the center of each table with a large white candle lit inside and small votives as accents.

Pull everything together with a first communion favor that can also be used as a decoration. Communion chocolate favors are unique and beautiful. Choose a design with your child’s photo like RF53 Lead Me to make this custom Hershey’s keepsake more personal.


A great party has activities for all ages! Quiz both adults and kids by creating a bible trivia game. This group game will bring everyone together and further celebrate what the day is all about. Have a relevant prize for the winner like a Christian book or keepsake cross.

Set up a coloring station for all the kids at the party. Print out a variety of religious coloring pages online that can be related to this special occasion. You can also include crosswords, word searches and puzzles.

If it is a nice day outside, help the kids organize a game of Capture the Flag or Red Light, Green Light. You can also provide self-entertaining toys like jump ropes, soccer balls, basketballs and bubbles. If the fun must stay indoors, arrange games like pictionary, charades, candy land or cranium.