Top 10 Reasons for Using Chocolate Bars as Promotional Giveaways at Trade Shows

Custom QR Code Chocolate1) Consumable- Promotional chocolate bars and giveaways are typically consumed immediately, helping establish your trade show booth as a positive experience and memory for your visitors and prospects. Many trade show giveaways, like yo-yos, Frisbees and other trinkets often don’t make it out of the hotel room wastebasket and offer the recipient little enjoyment. Chocolate business candy is consumed on the spot – which is its purpose – and creates a satisfying experience.

2) Functional- Adding a wrapper to a promotional chocolate giveaway allows for the communication of your logo, url, phone number and other important information that gets carried away. First the chocolate is consumed and appreciated. Then the wrapper does double duty by serving as a mini-brochure. Put your own QR code on the wrapper. You could also consider setting aside a special stash of Thank You chocolate bars for your existing clients and new business friends. Keep them under the table or in a secure place, then when your client comes by, tell them you have a special Thank You favor for them.

Tradeshow Chocolates3) Branding and Image- A promotional giveaway, such as a 1.55 oz Hershey’s Logo Chocolate Bar as your custom trade show business favor associates you with one of America’s oldest and most respected brands. Nearly 250 million Hershey’s bars of the less than 3.5 oz variety were sold in the 52 weeks ending March 18. The product debuted in 1900 and is now considered an iconic American chocolate bar. During World War II, the company produced more than one billion Hershey’s bars as rations for U.S. troops. Hershey’s is the second most popular chocolate candy in the larger than 3.5 oz category. It is the fifth-most popular snack size. Offering the finest promotional chocolate bar enhances your brand and creates a lasting image of class. Isn’t this better than a cheap ball point pen that gets thrown into the kitchen drawer next to the phone?

4) Healthy- The health benefits of chocolate are becoming well known as a growing number of medical studies now suggest. Chocolate is better for teeth, for instance, than hard candy or mints. Milk chocolate contains phosphate, which protect teeth from decay and dark chocolate bars, contains flavenoids called flavan-3-ols, epicatechins and procyanidins, which act as antioxidants in the body. Flavenoids may help to lower blood pressure, decrease low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, lower blood clot risk, improve cognitive performance and improve mood, according to the University of Michigan Health System. You are doing your prospects and clients a real business trade show favor by using promotional chocolate as your trade show giveaway.

5) Socially Powerful- Can you imagine having trouble getting traffic to stop by your booth at a trade show when you offer custom logo chocolate free? Trade show attendees will come into your booth if you correctly position your chocolate giveaway. A custom wrapped chocolate bar is an almost irresistible item for someone walking down the trade show aisle and a very effective ice breaker and conversation starter. When someone asks if it is OK to take one of your chocolate bars, you will say “Sure, and do you know about our new service?”

6) Economical- Compared to other trade show business giveaways, promotional chocolate is a budget friendly alternative. There are a variety of alternative chocolate bars in mini, standard, large and giant size to suit your promotional message size, purpose and budget. You can order custom chocolate bar wrappers only if you have time and staff to wrap your own, too.

7) Custom and Personal- Custom created chocolate bar wrappers can convey just about anything you can think up. Did you ever consider putting a picture of your location on the outside? Or reprint a custom QR code to drive trade show traffic to your online resources, announcements, or a raffle? Consider putting deadlines on your custom chocolate bar wrappers to get people to act on your message. Create a chocolate business card by adding your corporate logo, business information or creative copy to a wrapper and everyone will want one. Perfect for trade show events, product introductions or client recognition. Create a trade show floor sensation with your company’s own personalized wrapped HERSHEY’S bars.

Chocolate Tradeshow Gifts8) Variety- The standard and large size bars and the kisses come in milk chocolate and the minis come in a mixture of Special Dark, Milk, Krackel and Mr. Goodbar varieties for every trade show prospects taste. Kisses can be packaged in boxes or tins to suit your trade show business favor budget and give away strategy.

9) Response generation- QR codes have been popping up all over since their recent debut in the United States. Why not make them extra sweet by putting them on a personalized wrapped Hershey’s bar that you giveaway at your next trade show. A QR code is a 2-D bar code that can be scanned by a smart phone’s camera and transfer information right on the trade show floor. Based on the type of code it is can lead your customers to a website, Facebook page, phone number, text message or SMS. Business QR candy bars are perfect for handing out business cards, promotions, discounts and giveaways.

10) Universally appreciated- When you choose to use promotional chocolate bars as your trade show business favor, you know you are in good company and that nearly everyone will appreciate this treat. Chocolate has become one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world according to Wikipedia. In fact, it ranks as the favorite flavor of most Americans.Chocolate is a key ingredient in many foods. And yet, few of us know the unique origins of this popular treat. The story of chocolate spans more than 2,000 years and now circles the globe. The tale began in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America where cacao (kah KOW) first grew. Chocolate is made from the seeds of the cacao tree.  Chocolate has knocked out coffee as the top specialty food purchase reported by consumers, according to a new report from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade.

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