Planning a Memorable Retirement Celebration

Personalized Retirement GiftsCelebrate a retiree’s years of service by planning a memorable retirement party. This can be hosted by the retiree’s family or can be held as an official company event. You could also create a get together that includes a mix of family, friends and co-workers.

Choosing a time and location should be based on the personality and interests of the retiree. Consider having a workday luncheon, an afterwork get together at a local restaurant or bar, or a more formal event on the weekend. You can send out invitations with the details through email or by mail for a formal party.

Add a personal touch to the venue by decorating with items that represent the retiree’s life and accomplishments. These could include awards, trophies, photos or objects that focus on one of the retiree’s interests like golf, gardening or music.

Many retirement parties include a “roast” of the retiree. This should be an enjoyable part of the evening for the retiree and guests. Make the presentation a way to thank the retiree for all his or her years of hard work and loyalty. In additon to a “roast”, you can include speeches from the retiree’s manager or a toast with a funny story and words of appreciation to the retiree.

A gift for the retiree should be given by the manager or be a gift from everyone. Individual gifts can also be given, but should not be required. Consider whether your retiree would enjoy a heartfelt or humorous gift. You could create a powerpoint of memorable photos from the workplace and home to display at the party and give the retiree a copy on a CD. Another option would be to purchase a t-shirt or hat with a quote or image that the retiree would find funny.

To tie the celebration together, give a personalized chocolate favor that both the retiree and guests will enjoy! has a variety of unique custom Hershey’s bars to fit your theme. Choose a favor with the retiree’s photo like item ST35 The Retiree Retirement Favors. These candy wrappers will be a special keepsake that the retiree will appreciate!

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