Baby Name Predictions for 2013

At we see a lot of baby names on our chocolate birth announcements. In 2012, our top baby girl name was Ava and our top baby boy name was William. We can’t wait to see what unique names 2013 brings and if the top baby name predictions will come true!

Middle Name Craze

Expect to see some one-of-a-kind middle names in 2013. While it is predicted that parents will consider traditional and vintage first names for their children like Charles, Frank, Eleanor & Florence, they plan to step outside of the box for the middle name. Parents will probably choose middle names that are unique and quirky like Ballerina, Bear, Sweetheart & Seven.

Sophisticated Boy NamesCustom Baby Announcements

The hot fad for baby boys will be modern and sophisticated names like Declan, Finnegan, Remington, Jameson & Theodore. These preppy male names that often have a longer, old-fashioned sound to them will be a huge trend for 2013 parents. You can also be ready to see literary names effect parents like Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird and Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. 

Romantic Girl Names

Romance will be a leading influence for parents naming a baby girl. Names like Aria, Angelique, Adalynn and Gracelyn are expected to have a giant surge in popularity. New moms and dads will also be likely to lean towards names ending in -ee like Brynlee, Charlee, Aubree & Rylee.

European Baby Names

Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Scandinavia have had baby boy name Leon at the top of their list for a decade and now Americans are jumping on the bandwagon. Parents are also predicted to fall in love with other leonine names like Lionel, Leopold & Leonora. Other Scandinavian names like Stellan, Liv, Kai, Astrid & Axel are also on the rise.

Floral & Weather Inspired Names

Modern parents are taking flowery names a step further with unique choices like Clover and Poppy. The Hunger Games has also inspired hip parents with herbal names like Rue, Primrose & Katniss. To keep with the nature trend, chilly names such as Winter, Frost & Snow will be a hit in 2013.

Modern Tech Names

After we were introduced to baby Hashtag, it was only a matter of time before other new parents were inspired by technology. Get ready for names like Tweet, Android and Kindle in tech driven 2013. Since technology has become the center of our daily lives, we can expect it to make its way into the baby naming world.