Trendy Baby Names in 2012

When you are a soon-to-be parent, choosing your baby’s name can be a difficult task. At WHCandy we see a variety of baby names from unique to traditional. We never know what we are going to see on our birth announcements next!

Big Sister and Baby Brother

For 2012, we did a little research to see what the experts believe are the upcoming trends in baby naming. We found that celebrity influence will play a large role in popular names. Mariah Carey started the trend by naming her daughter Monroe after her idol, Marilyn. Other names predicted to top the charts are Pippa as in Pippa Middleton and Blue Ivy after Beyonce and Jay Z’s newborn.

In addition to celebrity names becoming popular, the characters they play are also forecasted to make a splash in 2012. For example, Twilight characters such as Bella, Edward and Jacob are expected to be well-liked. Even villainous character names like Arlo from Justified are going to appear.

Popular Baby Name Trends for 2012

For boys, western names like Weston, Wyatt and Maverick are guessed to be popular among parents. Even oddball names like Landry, after Tom the football coach, and Gatsby, after the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, are going to emerge in 2012.

For girls, adjective names like Loyal and True and names beginning with the letter “A” such as Arianna and Adelaide will be in style. The biggest surprise will be the old-fashioned name Betty reappearing in popular culture. Possibly after the famous Betty White?

HERESHEIS & HEREHEIS Baby Birth Announcements

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