Top 10 New Year’s Traditions

New Year's TraditionsWe usually ring in the New Year with champagne, a countdown and a party with family and friends. Different countries have other traditions that ensure a lucky new year. Try one of these for a prosperous 2013!

10. Hit bread on your walls. There is an Irish tradition of banging on the doors and walls with bread to chase the bad luck out and bring good spirits to the household with the promise of enough bread in the New Year. 

9. Jump really high. In the Philippines children jump up and down at midnight to make sure they grow tall.  

8. Stack up the pancakes. In France people eat a giant stack of pancakes for luck and good health.

7. Beware of redheaded women. The British place their fortunes for the coming year in the hands of their first guest. They believe the first visitor of each year should be a dark haired, handsome man bearing gifts. No Rico Suave in sight? It’s okay as long as your first guest is not a redheaded woman. She is considered to be a bad omen for the coming year.

New Year's Traditions6. Eat lasagna! An old Sicilan tradition says good luck will come to those who eat lasagna on New Year’s Day. Beware of macaroni though, for any other noodle will bring bad luck.

5. Respect  your elders. In Korea bowing to the elders is an important part of their sunrise celebration on New Year’s Day which is said to bring good fortune for the New Year.

4. Smoochey smooch. In the United States the kiss shared at midnight comes from masked balls that have been common throughout history. The mask is supposed to symbolize the evil spirits from the old year and the kiss is the purification into the New Year.

New Year's Recipe3. Give some almond joy. Norwegian tradition is to make rice pudding on New Year’s Day and hide one whole almond within. Guaranteed wealth goes to the person who recieves the serving with the lucky almond.

2. Talk to your animals. Belgium farmers wish their animals a Happy New Year for blessings.

1. Throw plates at your friends houses. In Denmark it is a good sign to find your door heaped with a pile of broken dishes at New Year’s. Old dishes are saved year round to throw them at the homes where their friends live on New Year’s Eve. Many broken dishes means you have many friends.