Halloween: How to be the Coolest House on the Block

Some people prefer holidays with holly & lights or turkey & pilgrims, but then there are those of us who get amped for the frightening, ghoulish time of the year. If you get pleasure from scaring your family and friends while gorging on bags of candy, you probably are the type of person who is willing to take that extra step to be the number one trick or treating house in the neighborhood. To ensure yours is the house that everyone is talking about this year, check out these Halloween tips to make your house the absolute coolest on the block.

Wrapped Hershey's Standard BarsTreats

The whole point of trick or treating is to collect the most candy possible while the houses on your block keep their light on. Of course most of your neighbors are going to be passing out the mixed bags of Hershey’s candy, M&M’s, Crunch bars and… the dreaded butterscotch candies. Keeping away from the obvious worst Halloween candy will definitely boost you to be a “cooler” house, but there is only one way to take you up to the next level. Full. Size. Candy. Bars. You will have trick or treaters lined up around the block! Although this option is a bit of a wallet buster, your Halloween fame will definitely be worth it. If you are an over achiever, you can always take it a little bit farther by not refusing those schiesters who sneak back for seconds.


What’s Halloween without making a few kids cry? The best houses on my block always had a few “tricks” up their sleeves. Finding ways to scare your trick or treaters will be both fun for you and the braver kids on the block. To scheme the best tricks, you need props. One route you could go with is a creepy, sleeping vampire. To pull of this prank, decorate your yard like a grave yard with an ominous coffin sitting near your porch. Have a family member or friend sit near the coffin with your full sized candy bars. When the trick or treater approaches, pop out of the coffin! Thinking of performing a trick with less props? Dress up as a scarecrow and sit very still on a chair near your partner passing out the candy. Your trick or treaters will never know you’re real until you make your move!

Graveyard decor Decorations

The trick or treating experience isn’t complete without visiting houses decked out in pumpkins, ghosts, witches & festive lights. You can choose to go with a theme for your decorations or create a Halloween smorgasbord. The best themes might include a graveyard, witches’ lair or pirate ship. You can also coordinate your costume with your theme. Don’t forget that costumes are a key to tie everything together! If you prefer a variety of decorations, don’t forget the classic sheet ghosts and creatively carved pumpkins.