Halloween Party Ideas for the Classroom

When I was a kid, Halloween was THE holiday to get excited for. Candy, costumes, games — what’s not to love? Of course trick-or-treating was a highlight of Halloween, but I also couldn’t wait to go to school to see what the teacher had planned for us. I had some creative teachers, but I think these classroom party ideas top the charts.

Games & Contests

Fun Halloween Games for the Classroom

1. Wrap the Mummy

Get your kiddos into the spooky spirit with a fun Halloween themed contest — Wrap the Mummy! Divide your students into small groups and select one child to be the “mummy”. Give the other children in the group a roll of toilet paper and instruct them to wrap up the student pretending to be a mummy. They are to wrap up the mummy’s entire body except the eyes, nose and mouth. The first group to completely wrap their mummy, wins!

2. Pass the Pumpkin

Pumpkins are key ingredients to a thrilling Halloween bash. For this game, sit your students in a circle on the floor and give them a small pumpkin to pass around. To keep with the theme, play Halloween party music as the pumpkin is being passed. Each time you stop the music whoever is holding the pumpkin will be out of the game. The last child left can be declared the winner!

3. Costume Contest

On the day of your Halloween party, have students dress up in their favorite costume. To ensure all children can participate, send a reminder home to each child’s parent or guardian & have a few extra, simple costumes on hand. You can award prizes for the scariest, funniest and most creative. Neat prizes might include classroom rewards such as eating lunch with the teacher or sitting at the teacher’s desk.


1. Paper Plate Masks

Let your students’ imaginations run wild by having them create one-of-a-kind paper plate masks as a creepy craft. Provide a variety of supplies to encourage inspiration like markers, glitter, construction paper, pipe cleaners and foam shapes. To hold up the paper plates, you can use paper towel tubes or Popsicle sticks. If a student doesn’t have an idea in mind, you could suggest a witch, vampire or pumpkin. For complete instructions, visit birthdayinabox.com.

2. Sucker Ghost Craft

For a sweet and spooky craft, have your kids make a sucker ghost. This simple, classic activity is sure to put a smile on their faces. You will need a sucker, tissue, white yarn, scissors and a black marker. To create the ghost, tie the tissue over top the sucker with white yarn and draw a creepy face. Each child can take this home to show the family or give as a Halloween gift.

3. Yummy Mummy Treat Cups

Halloween themed cups for snacks

Everyone will love to make a decorative mummy themed cup to hold all their creepy treats. This is the perfect craft to pair with your Halloween themed menu. To create this unique project, all you need is strips of white cloth (you can use white t-shirts), cups, wiggle eyes, felt, scissors & glue. You can also provide other items to decorate the cups such as pipe cleaners, glitter, markers and stickers. For detailed instructions, visit crafts.kaboose.com.


1. Trick or Treat Trail Mix

Looking for a healthy and easy snack for your Halloween extravaganza? Trick-or-Treat Trail Mix is the ideal recipe for your students! To create the mix, you can include cheerios, teddy grahams, raisins, dried cranberries, banana chips and chocolate chips. This menu item will fit perfectly in your Yummy Mummy Treat Cups (see above).

2. Crispy Pops

Your kids will love this simple yet fun Rice Krispy pop treat! For this recipe, you will need prepackaged Rice Krispy treats, candy melts, candy to make faces and Popsicle sticks. To create this spooky dessert, insert the Popsicle stick into the Rice Krispy treats and dip into the melted candy melts. Next you can decorate with creepy Halloween faces like a ghost, pumpkin or Frankenstein.

3. Personalized Hershey’s Barspersonalized chocolate for Halloween

For a Halloween party they will never forget, give each student a personalized candy bar with a your eerie seasonal greeting. Choose from a wide variety of designs such as Boo to You or Perfect Pumpkin. Each standard bar is America’s favorite candy–Hershey’s Milk Chocolate! Not only will the kids love receiving a full-size candy bar, they will have a keepsake wrapper to remember this fun school event.