Sweetest Day: Another Lover’s Holiday?

Valentine’s Day can be a single person’s worst nightmare. If you are single, you don’t want to be reminded that you are alone. Not only do we have this romantic February 14th holiday, we also have Sweetest Day, which is the third Saturday of October each year. BUT unlike Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day was invented to celebrate all the people who make your life special. SINGLE PPersonalized Sweetest Day FavorsEOPLE REJOICE!! You do not need to feel pathetic if you receive a sweet treat from your mom on this holiday. It is perfectly acceptable to give and receive gifts from relatives, friends and associates.

You can thank Herbert Birch Kingston for his invention of Sweetest Day in 1922. He was a Cleveland candy company employee who decided to distribute candy and small gifts to orphans, people stricken with illness or disabilities and others who were often forgotten.

Although Sweetest Day is most popular in the Great lakes region and northeast, you can start up the tradition near you! Popular Sweetest Day gifts involve cards, chocolates, flowers and candy.