Baptism & Christening Party Ideas for Your Child’s Reception

After your child’s baptism you will want to continue the celebration with family and friends during a reception after the ceremony. Whether formal or informal, spending time with everyone is a great way to make your child’s special day complete. Three essentials to remember when planning a baptism party are food, entertainment and keepsakes.


Custom Candy BarsWhen deciding how you would like to feed your guests you have the options of making the food yourself, hiring a caterer or holding your reception at a restaurant. If you prefer to be the chef for your child’s baptism celebration, a backyard cookout could be the perfect option for your event. Not only is grilling out a less stressful option, but it is sure to be a hit amongst your guests! You could grill hamburgers & hot dogs or provide pulled pork sandwiches. Plus, include a variety of side dishes like cole slaw, corn on the cob, potato salad, baked bean and fruit.

If you would like to host the party at your home, but don’t want to cook, a caterer may be the best option for you. A caterer can make planning the food for your reception worry free and offer an assortment of buffet options. Popular catering options include pasta, mexican, sandwiches and pizza.

To make the dining experience stress-free, consider making reservations at a restaurant that will handle the meal for you. You can choose an informal buffet setting or have a formal affair where the food is served. Depending on the time of your baptism ceremony, you can choose to do brunch, lunch or dinner.

Activities & Entertainment

To keep your guests entertained, plan a few activites that will complement your location and still give your family and friends time to socialize. Whether you decide to hold your celebration at your home or at a restaurant, you can consider hiring entertainment that can be enjoyed by both children and adults like a juggler or magician.

If you host the party at home, you can set up sports in the backyard like volleyball, corn hole and badminton. Plan games like freeze tag or organize a scavenger hunt to keep the children active. If you have a group of children who love animals, you can hire a petting zoo to add an extra special touch to the event.

Don’t forget about keeping the kids busy if you hold your party at a restaurant. Purchase coloring books, puzzles and other small games for the children while the adults are chatting.

Making Memories

Personalized Hershey Candy BarsAfter the celebration is over, you will want to have a few mementos to remember the baptism ceremony and party. Instead of a traditional guest book, have family and friends leave a small message by video. A video guest book creates a visual memory for your child to watch when he or she gets older. Each guest can say a short message to the family as a whole or the child specifically. You can even pose particular questions to each guest such as “What is your best piece of advice about life?” or “What would you suggest doing while you’re still young?”.

To remember this day for many years to come, purchase a favor that acts as an unforgettable keepsake. CARSON suggests giving each guest a personalized Hershey’s bar to celebrate your child’s baptism day. Choose from a variety of designs like RC51 Innocent Journey or RC25 Baptism Certificate. Not only are these delicious favors that everyone will enjoy, the personalized wrapper can be kept in your child’s baptism scrapbook to be preserved as a memorable keepsake.