Popular Baby Shower Trends

Personalized Candy for Baby Showers

When most people think of a baby shower they envision games, food, gifts and a group of female friends and family. Although these types of showers are traditonal favorites, hostesses are beginning to put a new spin on baby showers. Here are a few of the new fads:

The Man Shower

To make a man shower all you need is beer, poker, grilling and… diapers. Expecting dads are inviting friends over for this “dad-chelor party” to enjoy tasty beverages and a manly grilled menu in exchange for diapers. There is no guessing in this gift idea, which makes it easier for the male guests. Since there is no time taken to open each gift and play baby games, the men can quickly move on to the male bonding aspect of the evening. This growing trend is becoming increasingly popular since women can’t deny a little guy time for their husbands when it is for their expected new additions. 

Bring-A-Book Baby Showers

The idea behind the “Bring a Book” baby shower is that every guest will bring her favorite children’s book as a gift for the mother-to-be. Having each guest sign the inside cover with her name will make the book extra special for the new baby. This is a great way to increase the baby’s library with a variety of books that add a personal touch to reading. Since books are usually brought instead of items like diapers and clothes, this may be a shower idea to consider for a mother that already has a lot of the baby supplies she needs from others showers or older children. 

Hershey Chocolate Bars for Baby Showers

Women are finding it more exciting to find out the sex of their baby with friends and family opposed to the ultra-sound room at the doctor’s office. Often co-ed showers are held where the big gender reveal can be had in a creative way. Expecting moms can choose to have their doctor to write the sex of the baby on a piece of paper to be sealed in an envelope to pass onto the shower’s hostess. Although the reveal can be done in a variety of ways, one of the popular trends is to serve cupcakes with tinted blue or pink icing on the inside. When guests take a bite, the gender will be revealed!        

Baby Shower Brunch

Hosting a baby shower during brunch is a novelty that many guests will enjoy. Dainty decorations, sweet breakfast treats and coffee & tea are perfect elements to gets everyone excited for the expecting mother. You can serve a mix of savory breakfast dishes and healthy choices for a variety of appetites. Add a modern twist to the brunch experience by arranging glass milk bottles filled with orange juice and triangles of french toast over a shot of maple syrup. View more baby shower brunch recipe ideas at kitchendaily.com.

Each baby shower, whether traditional or novel, is a special time for the expecting mother and father. To remember this occasion, CARSON wrappedhersheys.com recommends choosing a favor that is a unique, timeless keepsake. With a choice of classic and one-of-a-kind personalized Hershey’s chocolate bars, you are sure to find a baby shower favor that will wow the guests as well as the new mother and father.