Back to School Tips for Parents

Hershey's Chocolate Back to School GiftsIt’s back to school time again! Although this is a relief for many parents, it also creates a hefty to-do list to get your children prepared for their first day. Keep these helpful tips from in mind as you organize for the new school year.

1. Before school starts, make physical and eye doctor appointments with your family doctor. Most schools require up-to-date immunzation shots and may require doctor approval for your child to participate in a sport.

2. Preparing for the new school year can be financially difficult for many families. Find out if your family qualifies for low cost lunches or affordable health insurance.

3. Make sure your children have a quiet place to do homework each night. Provide homework help to encourage your child to succeed in school. Benefits from doing homework include memory & comprehension improvement and increased study skills.

4. Shop for school supplies during the “sales tax holiday” in August. Check to see if your state participates to save money on certain back-to-school items at

5. Remember that nutrition is a big factor in how your child will perform at school. Provide breakfast and pack lunches that are healthy to help your child stay more alert throughout the day.

These five tips will help you get back into the swing of things as summer comes to an end. Don’t forget to sweeten the teacher’s day by sending your child with a Hershey’s back-to-school gift on the first day.